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Charge Forth!

Team: Octocorn Studios

Charge Forth! is a top-down puzzle game designed for mobile devices. The focus of this game is to lead a

dim-witted knight around 16 levels to ultimately get to the Holy Chalice. Charge Forth! was created over a 13 week period by a 11 person team. During this period, I served as the creative director and design lead. 


My responsibilities as a creative director was to ensure the vision of the game stayed intact, while also working with the producer to keep the game in scope. With this role, I was responsible for the final review of most in-game assets, and had to provide guidance to all team members. Also, I was responsible for writing, editing, and reviewing all documentation. This included the GDD, ASG, and testing documentation. 

As the design lead, my main concern was the level design since this was the most important aspect of the game. I taught my design team a proper method of level design, starting with a paper prototype leading to the final level implementation into Unity. I   provided constant feedback to the level designers to make sure the levels were interesting, fun, and the appropriate difficulty. Also, I had to critique all sounds that were made for the game, provide feedback to the sound designers, and implement the sounds into the engine. As the design lead, I wrote main story of the game to provide story context for the player.



Game Design Document and Art Style Guide

Above are downloads of the Game Design Document and Art Style Guide which I wrote as the Creative Director to guide my team throughout the development process.

Game Testing Documents Downloads

Levels Personally Designed by Me

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