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Sanguine Soul

Team: Dead Level

Sanguine Soul is a 1st-person shooter focused around abilities and fast decisive combat. Sanguine Soul was created over a 16 week period by a 13 person team. While working on this project, I had many design roles which included sound designer, narrative designer, enemy designer, and combat designer. In addition to the design roles, I also assisted with QA testing.

My main responsibility as a sound designer was creating unique, high quality sounds for the player's abilities and enemies using Audacity. I was also tasked with implementation of sounds in UE4 and critiquing the sounds of the other designers. 

As a narrative designer, I wrote most of the in-game narrative, including cutscene scripts and document pickups. Also, over the course of the project, I maintained and rewrote narrative documents to improve the story.

My duties as a combat and enemy designer were to write and maintain documentation on enemies and abilities. This was to ensure that the feel of fast and decisive gameplay was always present during combat scenarios.

While performing my QA duties, I was tasked with finding errors and glitches within the game. I recorded videos which showed the level designers the map errors and the tech team the game glitches which needed to be corrected.These videos can be found at the following link. 

QA Videos



Game Design Document

Above is a download of the Game Design Document for this game I assisted in writing the Gameplay, Abilities, Enemies, and Story Sections

Sound Videos

Download Link

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