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Station 41

Team: S41

Station 41 is a sci-fi 1st-person shooter with a strong emphasis on survival and resource management. This game was made in 8 weeks by a team of 5 people. I was the producer of Station 41 and assisted with combat and sound design.

My responsibilities were writing and maintaining all documentation during the production period. I was in charge of assigning tasks to all team members. During development, I monitored the team's progress and gave necessary feedback. I lead bi-weekly scrum meetings to ensure that tasks were understood and being completed without problems.

As a combat designer, I helped create the abilities used throughout the game. I kept documentation on these abilities to ensure that all team members understood the details.

Lastly, as a sound designer, I designed sounds using Audacity and implemented sounds into Unity. The enemy, gunfire, and ambiance sounds where created to add to the sci-fi experience, and pull the player into the game. 



Gameplay Video

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