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A Toasty Heist

Team: Toasty Bots

A Toasty Heist is a 1st-person platforming game where the player must navigate past a guard to get a prize. To get to the other side, players must avoid lava and use pieces of toast to navigate through the dangers. This game was made in 3 weeks by a team of 3 people. I was the 3D artist and helped gather audio for the game.

As the 3D artist, my responsibilities included modeling and texturing all 3D assets in the game. Afterwards, I helped implement these assets into Unity. I designed the guard's overall aesthetic to be entertaining for the player to look at, but also to show the guard was dangerous.

I helped gather sound since the development period was only 3 weeks, sound design was not possible. I gathered all sounds and music needed to indicate the use of abilities and hazards while increasing the enjoyment of the game.



Gameplay Video

Download Link

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