Wake From Death

Team: Feudal Games

Wake From Death is a 3rd-person shooter which is focused around abilities and fast decisive gun-play. The aesthetic was inspired by Japanese culture with a cyberpunk twist. Wake From Death was created over a 13 week period by a 9 person team. On this team, I was the sound designer.


My main responsibility as the sound designer was creating unique, high quality sounds for the player's abilities, enemies, ambient sounds, and vocal synthesizing using Adobe Audition, Vocal Synth 2, and Audacity. Afterwards, I was tasked to assist with implementation of these sounds into UE4.

All the sound effects in Wake From Death provided a unique challenge. Most of my previous work had either been very realistic sounds or based around magical abilities. However, these sound effects were more futuristic, electric and had inspiration from sci-fi universes. This allowed me to not only expand into a different world of sound design, but also learn and experiment with unfamiliar sound effects.

Another interesting challenge was learning how to do vocal synthesizing. Before this project, I had no experience changing vocals.  Learning the methods and tools to change vocals was not only educational, but very exciting. In Wake From Death, taking a human voice and distorting it to sound entirely robotic or to sound as if it were coming from a speaker inside a helmet was a challenge. However, this proved to be extremely beneficial to the game, as it gave the player more depth into this futuristic world. 



Sound Videos